Les Personnages presents: Jeraume

Les Personnages presents: Jeraume

Les Personnages is pleased to present: Jeraume

As part of this new collection aimed at promoting Canadian artists we partnered with Tanthem and documented Jeraume from his home and studio in Lévis, Quebec, Canada. Jeraume gave us an exclusive look at his home, studio, inspiration, art and creative process. 

During our conversation, we had a chance to hear more about his journey: Native to Quebec City, Jeraume spent some time in the cultural metropolis of Montreal before returning home. Now established in Lévis (metro of Quebec City), Jeraume has a daily routine established centred around his art. A multimedia artist, he draws, paints, and even sews in his studio. We got to have a close look at his art and his atelier, where he showed us his wall of inspiration: Covered in his friends’ art and his previous artistic endeavours, this wall serves as the source of his creativity.

The film takes an intimate look into the creation of his art: from his use of colours, to the importance of aesthetics and the role furniture plays, Jeraume explained the meaning and use of each in his pieces as well as his life. 

Tune in to this captivating conversation, where art and life blend together in a seamless tapestry of beauty, passion, and authenticity.

As part of this collaboration Jeraume and Milo & Dexter have made a limited number of t-shirts available in the Les Personnages collection. The garment made in Canada from 100% organic cotton features Jeraume's artwork titled "That summer feeling". When asked about the piece Jeraume explained: "« That summer feeling » was thought out and created during one of those summer heat waves. One of those days that we remember. A colourful ode to friendship, this outer chair drawn in negative, was instinctively imagined to remind us of the importance of their presence, the enthusiasm we have for warmer days and the memories we cherish. It is also a reminder to the song of the same title by Jonathan Richman which I really like."


Proceeds from the garments in Les Personnages collection go to the artist and the filmmaker. 

We consider ourselves privileged to have been welcomed into the life of Jeraume and we encourage you all to support Canadian artists who have made all of our lives all the more colourful.

Photo from Jeraume's basement studio. 

Photo from Jeraume's basement studio. 

 Photo from Jeraume's home. 

 Photo from Jeraume's home

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