Made in Canada - Episode 2 - Claudio & Dave

Made in Canada - Episode 2 - Claudio & Dave

The latest episode of Made in Canada takes a closer look at the daily lives of two superintendents, Dave and Claudio, who oversee operations at the 1625 Chabanel building in Montreal's garment district. Their personal stories shed light on the evolution of the area over the past three decades, as well as the challenges that the industry has faced.

Once a bustling hub of activity, the garment district has experienced a sharp decline in recent years, due to a confluence of factors. The rise of globalization and increased competition from low-wage countries, coupled with the demand for fast fashion and changes in trade agreements, have made it difficult for Montreal's garment industry to remain competitive. This has led to factory offshoring and job losses, resulting in a significant downturn for the industry as a whole.

Despite these challenges, some manufacturers in Montreal have managed to adapt by focusing on high-end, specialized products and collaborating with local designers. This has helped to sustain the industry to some extent, even as others have fallen by the wayside.

As the producers of "Made in Canada," Milo and Dexter, hope that by shining a light on the inner workings of the industry today, we can inspire a renewed focus on ethical, local, and sustainable production. By choosing Canada as a hub for such efforts, we believe that the garment district and the industry as a whole can be revitalized for the benefit of all.

This series has been produce by Milo & Dexter and the film has been made by New York based filmmaker Devon Wilson.

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