Milo & Dexter is inspired by Canada, recreation, and the pursuit of the life well lived - whether sailing the seas or sipping your morning coffee before your daily grind. 

Montréal Street. Year unknown. 


Cafe Olympico. Year unknown. 

Flamingo Estate Art Direction and styling by Stephanie Stamatis Photography by Phillip Huynh

Brittany, 1960.

Edward Steichen West Redding, 5 Novembre 1966. Photographie J. H. Lartigue © Ministère de la Culture - France


Group of people in a sailboat with a striped sail in Canada. 1974.


View of crowd attending Harry Hays' Stampede Breakfast at his Turner Siding ranch home on the south edge of Calgary, Alberta. 1970s.

Children ready for a race at Willow Creek Crossing picnic, near Donalda, Alberta. 1944.

Claude Masson behind the bar at L'Express. 1981.

Brittany, 1960.

Le métro de Montréal: station Rosemont. 1966.


Girls at play house, Edmonton area, Alberta. 1943.


Bluenose sailing ship. 1938.

Mount Tremblant. 1950-60s.

Francis Piguron Chamonix. January 1918.

Véra et Arlette, Cannes. May, 1927.

The De Havilland Dragon Trail of the Caribou at Heston aerodrome after flying across the Atlantic from Wasaga, Canada in 30 hours 50 minutes. The plane was previously owned by Jim Mollison who attempted the same flight with Amy Johnson a year earlier.

Holiday-makers take in the sun on a mountain top in Verbier. 1964.

Photo from the archives of Canada.

Denis Potvin (6), Gilbert Perreault (11) and Guy Lafleur (10) of Team Canada celebrate a goal against Vladimir Dzurilla of Czechoslovakia during the Canada Cup final. September 15, 1976.

Sailing Canada. Year unknown.

Un homme et une femme jouant au tennis au manoir Hovey, au lac Massiwippi, au Québec. 1950s.

l'oeil de boeuf. 1977.

Flamingo Estate Art Direction and styling by Stephanie Stamatis Photography by Phillip Huynh.

A skier doing a Gelandesprung jump in Banff National Park. April 1933.