Our Philosophy    

Milo & Dexter was created to bring an element of ease into everyday dressing. Each item has been designed to stand the test of time, using fabrics and techniques that put quality at the core, and following aesthetic guidelines that incorporate classical yet modern elements. The entire Milo & Dexter minimalist wardrobe is made up of neutral essentials that complement each other with ease and will ensure that you look professional. 


Our Production    

Starting with our focus on long-lasting design and production, sustainability has been a primary consideration in the conception of Milo & Dexter and has been incorporated in all of our processes, from our choice of suppliers and materials to informing customers about how to care for their products to prolong their lifespan.  Each production starts by defining the quality we want to reach, followed by creating protocols that have strict checks and balances in place to ensure we guarantee ethical practices. Value for money is achieved through economies of scale, establishing styles that endure, and putting quality at the core. Our production operates on season-less cycles and has been kept in Canada to ensure we keep tight control on our practices. We have invested in our suppliers and the people we work with, working together towards the same goals and growing together.  

Product Design    

The Milo & Dexter minimalist wardrobe is made up of a complete foundation of products you want to find again and again. It is a permanent range that will never go on sale and will always be available. You should see it as the foundation for your closet that can be mixed and matched with any of the other garments. The minimalist wardrobe offers scope for playing through the seasons, varying materials, working on a harmonious colour palette and proportions to create an ideal everyday uniform. Each garment is intended to be a perfect version of itself – carefully designed to be timeless in style and quality – and everything has earned its place on the shelf.    

To attempt to make products with a longer life, we invest time in their development. This comes in the form of studying sewing and production practices, dissecting vintage garments, and testing our sourced materials to identify their durability and unique qualities. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to a philosophy of research and development and continue to learn from the world around us. New versions of our products will emerge only once new discoveries are identified.    

We have created a system to make it easy for clients to find and re-find products as the years go by. Use our code system to identify which version of the garment you are wearing and contact us to know what changes have been made. We are committed to ethical and sustainable practices, and therefore will make modifications to any garment if we find a better way of living up to these practices.

Our Story    


The original name we had for the brand was Knowledge. It was to be a brand for the knowledge chasers, those men and women devoted to higher pursuits that truly satisfy the soul. These people we had modelled after had no real interest in the superficiality of expelling mental effort to dress each morning, yet they had the intelligence to know the value in dressing well. A minimalist wardrobe made simple and uncomplicated, a wardrobe they could rely on to get through the many things of the week - that is the true value Knowledge was out to satisfy and the one that Milo & Dexter now aims to satisfy.    

As an organization - we set out to create a business that was not built on a foundation of endless financial growth but rather a learning and intelligent organization that looks to bring value to the people it impacts. We have looked to build an internal culture that is woven in learning and development when it comes to our people, products and the world we find ourselves in.