Les Personnages presents: Kezna Dalz

Les Personnages presents: Kezna Dalz

Kezna Dalz is an incredibly talented multidisciplinary artist hailing from the vibrant city of Montreal. Her unique style, characterized by soft pastels and a pop neo-expressionist approach, has garnered her widespread acclaim and recognition within the art world.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Kezna's work is her ability to tackle complex socio-political themes in a way that is both accessible and engaging. From feminism and the fight against racism to issues surrounding popular culture and sexuality, Kezna uses her art to shed light on important issues and incite thought-provoking discussions.


Despite the serious and sometimes heavy subject matter that she addresses, Kezna's artwork is incredibly inviting and welcoming. Her use of bright colours and soft lines gives her pieces an approachable quality that draws viewers in and invites them to explore the themes and ideas she presents.

Moreover, Kezna's work is infused with discourses of power, which are often embedded within her digital art and murals. Through her art, she is able to challenge dominant narratives and question established power structures, encouraging viewers to think critically about the world around them.

In collaboration with Milo & Dexter, Kezna has created a limited number of tote bags featuring her exclusive artwork titled "Growing Together Every Day," now available in our Les Personnages collection. The tote bags are not only functional and stylish but also provide a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to own a piece of Kezna's work and support her creative endeavours.

When asked about the significance of the piece we collaborated on, Kezna stated: This tote bag serves as a reminder. A reminder to continue to do things with intentions, to care, to grow. To grow from within and to nourish your community and the people you love and want to see thrive. Feed into what brings you joy and adds beauty around you.

Proceeds from the garments in Les Personnages collection go to the artist. 

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