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Spiced Green Beans with Vinegar

Spiced Green Beans with Vinegar

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Pickle Idéal originated from a collaborative effort with farmers in Charlevoix who experienced a surplus of vegetables after harvest. To assist these farmers, the surplus vegetables were transformed, giving birth to the Pickle Idéal project. This initiative seamlessly aligns with the vision of promoting sustainable local food consumption, as it extends the shelf life of these vegetables by turning them into delightful pickles and marinated products. In doing so, Pickle Idéal not only minimizes food waste but also adds value to the surplus produce, supporting farmers in the region and enhancing the local economy in the process. The company takes pride in promoting sustainable consumption practices by utilizing seasonal vegetables, allowing for a diverse range of products that encapsulate the unique flavors of each season. By advocating for local produce, Pickle Idéal also plays a crucial role in raising awareness about responsible food production, thereby strengthening the bond between consumers and farmers in the community. Looking ahead, there is a shared enthusiasm for the future of Pickle Idéal, with a commitment to further developing the business within the framework of a sustainable and local food vision. With a firm belief in the value of a circular economy and harvest surpluses, Pickle Idéal is set to continue offering high-quality, tasty products while contributing to a more responsible and environmentally friendly future of food.
  • 500g
  • Product of Canada 

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